Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4

Deandre: "Man if I had a school, Joe, It'd be huge. It'd take up three city blocks. I have roaches in there."
Mr. Sebacher: "Roaches?"
Deandre: "And rats. So the kids could play with them. It'd be a grammer school inside a high school."
Mr. Sebacher: "Why do you think kids would enjoy playing with rats of all things?"
Deandre: "I don't know, Mr. Sebacher. Why you so nosey?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Just curious."
Karessa: "That shit is not normal."
Deandre: "No, I'm just playin'. If I saw roaches in my school I'd be pissed. I'd tell them to shut that school down, blow it up, make a big hole. Ants are okay, though. When I see ants I light them on fire."
Karessa: "That's fucked up."
Mr. Sebacher: "Yeah Deandre, that's pretty messed up."


  1. ...I jus' wanna say that Mr. Sebacher can call me his Cracka anytime.

  2. I just wanna say that Mr. Sebacher can call me his cracka anytime...