Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deandre: "Ringa, did you do Ms. T's work?"
Ringa: [gives a look.]
Deandre: "On my life! She's gonna have a BF."
Mr. Sebacher: "What's a 'BF'?"
Deandre: "A bitch fest."
Mr. Sebacher: "That's not very nice."
[everyone laughs.]
Ringa: "Awe, man. I love you guys. All my boys on the West Side. Teachers too! No homo. Y'all's some cool dudes."
Mr. Tobin: "Thanks."
Mr. Sebacher: "I know."
Deandre: "Except these females."
Alexis: "These bitch ass niggas be trippin, on my life."
Mr. Tobin: "This is a trip-free zone."
Ringa: "Me and Deandre are Batman and Robin, what y'all's?"
Alexis: "Shit, we Marquita and Alexis."
Ringa: "She's got issues, yo."
Mr. Tobin: "We all do."


  1. I'm really glad someone said "no homo."

  2. This is a seriously funny conversation. How many people were in the class?

  3. My comment is almost two years too late! Sorry.