Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apr 29

Mya: [coughs]
Adam: "You have that swan flu?"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apr 28

[The students are doing a history project in Mr. Tobin's class on a particular president.]
Marquita: "Mya you DUMB."
Mya: "I'm doing...John Adams."
Marquita: "Why are y'all doing white presidents? Outta all the black presidents we have."
Deandre: "What?"
Marquita: "Man you look at all these presidents, they're all ugly and OLD."
Mya: "Bill Clinton was cute."
Marquita: "Y'all know Obama used to did cocaine?"
Christopher: "No way."
Clendell: "Obama has a new kind of weed comin' out called 'White House.'"
Christopher: "You're all ignorant as hell. You think Obama's walking around all day high?"
Marquita: "He used to smoke, though."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Apr 27

Brandon: "Mr. Sebacher, you like Whoopi Goldberg?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Is that a euphamism for something?"
Tierra: "Are you blowin' him?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Excuse me?"
Brandon: "You wanna do Whoopi!"
Mr. Sebacher: "Hardly, Brandon.  Have a seat."
Brandon: "I'd do Oprah.  Have Oprah suck on that thing.  You know she took lessons."
Mr. Sebacher: "Class is dismissed."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Apr 13

[Apparently, Tonnee accidentally bumps into Adam's desk.]
Adam: "DAMN. Who do you think you are?
Tonnee: "I'm Princess, bitch."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Apr 1

Darius: "Mr. Sebacher, can I axt you a question?"
Mr. Sebacher: "You just did."
Darius: "Can I axt you two questions?"
Mr. Sebacher: "That is your second question."
Darius: "Whaaaat?"

Apr 1

Mr. Tobin: "Saul, sit down. Let's begin."
Robert: "C'mon Mr. Tobin, don't tell him to sit like a dog."
Mr. Tobin: "You don't tell your dog, 'Let's begin.'"
Destiny: "I tell my dog, 'Stop lookin' at me.'"

Apr 1

Adam: "Did you hear about the ShamWow guy?"
Mr. Tobin: "What?"
Adam: "The ShamWow guy."
Kileasha: "He got arrested for battering a hooker."
Deandre: "Maan, fuck that."
Mr. Tobin: "Who?"
Clendell: "That ShamWow works amazing."
Adam: "How does it do that, Mr. Sebacher?"