Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apr 28

[The students are doing a history project in Mr. Tobin's class on a particular president.]
Marquita: "Mya you DUMB."
Mya: "I'm doing...John Adams."
Marquita: "Why are y'all doing white presidents? Outta all the black presidents we have."
Deandre: "What?"
Marquita: "Man you look at all these presidents, they're all ugly and OLD."
Mya: "Bill Clinton was cute."
Marquita: "Y'all know Obama used to did cocaine?"
Christopher: "No way."
Clendell: "Obama has a new kind of weed comin' out called 'White House.'"
Christopher: "You're all ignorant as hell. You think Obama's walking around all day high?"
Marquita: "He used to smoke, though."

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