Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov. 18

There haven't been many posts because we have better students this year. A mixed blessing...

All the same:
Danisha: "Marquita you bitch! I mean...I'm sorry Mr. Sebacher, it's--Marquita you tramp. I mean..."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sep 25

Mr. Tobin: "So, what's good about America's heathcare system?"
Terrion: "Today's Thursday."
Shannie: "Fuck the po-lice!"

Sep 25

[From the past week.]

Kenesha: "I'm freezing."
[The class generally agrees.]
Vernon: "It's cold as Hell in here."
Mr. Sebacher: "Vernon, that hardly makes any sense."
Vernon: "See-nok-with-the-dok-with-the--"
Mr. Sebacher: "--'it's as cold as Hell is cold.'"
Vernon: "Maaaan, why you always gotta treat me like that."
Mr. Sebacher: "Is that gang related?"
Teosha: "You ain't cold, Mr. Sebacher?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Not at all."
Kenesha: "Why y'all never get cold?"
Teosha: "Yeah, y'all never cold. Y'all be jogging in the winter in shorts."
[The class generally agrees.]
Mr. Sebacher: "Are we talking about white people, when you say 'y'all' are you talking about white people?"
Teosha: "Well it's true!"
Kenesha: "With your big dogs jogging in the winter."
Robert: "Why do white people jog so much? Why y'all got so much energy?"
Mr. Sebacher: "I guess I don't know."
Teosha: "Do you go jogging?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Yes--I'll probably go jogging after school."
Kenesha: "In shorts?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Always."

[Regarding meditation.]
Terrion: "Breathe in and out for ten minutes?! I ain't breathing in and out for no ten minutes."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sep 24

[From yesterday]

Teosha: "Mr. Sebacher! This [magazine] is in Spanish! I'm black! I don't speak Spanish!"

Sep 24

[After Mr. Tobin describes the dizzying complexities of the Egyptians building the pyramids.]
Ernest: "Man, they're dumb."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sep 4

The last few posts were from my work at the Lena Washington Homeless Shelter. School will begin Tuesday, and I'm sure I'll have much to post.

Thanks for reading, all.


Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23

Sarah: "Do they have cars in England?"
Mr. Jason: "Yes."
Sarah: "Do they eat the same food we do?"
Mr. Jason: "Mostly, they eat a lot more gravy."
Issac: "What?"
Ronnie: "What?"
Mr. Jason: "They eat a lot more gravy. It's sort of a joke."
Issac: "We don't never understand your jokes, Mr. Jason."
Mr. Jason: "It's OK."
Sarah: "Do they have pop in England?"
Mr. Jason: "Yes."
Sarah: "Do they have tables?"
Mr. Jason: "In England?"
Sarah: "Yeah."
Mr. Jason: "No."
Ronnie: "What?"
Mr. Jason: "There are no tables in England. And no chairs, either."
Sarah: "How do they eat?"
Mr. Jason: "They put their heads right on the plates and eat like that."
Sarah: "Gross! Hahahahahahaha!"
Ronnie: "Hahahahahahaha!"
Issac: "Are you serious?"
Sarah: "Yeah."
Mr. Jason: "I'm serious."