Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sep 25

Mr. Tobin: "So, what's good about America's heathcare system?"
Terrion: "Today's Thursday."
Shannie: "Fuck the po-lice!"

Sep 25

[From the past week.]

Kenesha: "I'm freezing."
[The class generally agrees.]
Vernon: "It's cold as Hell in here."
Mr. Sebacher: "Vernon, that hardly makes any sense."
Vernon: "See-nok-with-the-dok-with-the--"
Mr. Sebacher: "--'it's as cold as Hell is cold.'"
Vernon: "Maaaan, why you always gotta treat me like that."
Mr. Sebacher: "Is that gang related?"
Teosha: "You ain't cold, Mr. Sebacher?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Not at all."
Kenesha: "Why y'all never get cold?"
Teosha: "Yeah, y'all never cold. Y'all be jogging in the winter in shorts."
[The class generally agrees.]
Mr. Sebacher: "Are we talking about white people, when you say 'y'all' are you talking about white people?"
Teosha: "Well it's true!"
Kenesha: "With your big dogs jogging in the winter."
Robert: "Why do white people jog so much? Why y'all got so much energy?"
Mr. Sebacher: "I guess I don't know."
Teosha: "Do you go jogging?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Yes--I'll probably go jogging after school."
Kenesha: "In shorts?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Always."

[Regarding meditation.]
Terrion: "Breathe in and out for ten minutes?! I ain't breathing in and out for no ten minutes."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sep 24

[From yesterday]

Teosha: "Mr. Sebacher! This [magazine] is in Spanish! I'm black! I don't speak Spanish!"

Sep 24

[After Mr. Tobin describes the dizzying complexities of the Egyptians building the pyramids.]
Ernest: "Man, they're dumb."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sep 4

The last few posts were from my work at the Lena Washington Homeless Shelter. School will begin Tuesday, and I'm sure I'll have much to post.

Thanks for reading, all.