Monday, March 23, 2009

Mar 23

Alexis: "Mr. Sebacher, can I go to the bathroom? I need to fornicate."
Mr. Sebacher: "Excuse me?"
Tierra: "She needs to SHIT."
Mr. Sebacher: "Do you know what fornicate means?"
Tierra: "Alexis, you'd blow out the room if you fornicated in there."
Mr. Sebacher: "Alright, everyone."
Tierra: "So would you, Mr. Sebacher!"
Mr. Sebacher: "I would wait until you're in the privacy of your home to fornicate."
Alexis: "I don't shit in the school. Do you shit in the school Mr. Sebacher? I don't."
Mr. Sebacher: "Let's all concentrate on quotation marks now."

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