Thursday, March 19, 2009


Mr. Sebacher: "Keith, pull up your pants! They're defying the laws of physics."
Keith: "De-what?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Kimberly, roll down that pant leg. There's no gangbanging around here."
Kimberly: [rolling down her pant leg] "Oh, Mr. Sebacher."
Mr. Sebacher: "Vernon! Quit flashing gang sings!"
Vernon: "It's a peace sign."
Mr. Sebacher: "Everything's a gang sign."
Vernon: "It means no killing."
Mr. Sebacher: "Whatever."
Mr. Sebacher: "I'm going to wait for everyone to stop talking so I can proceed."
Deandre: "C'mon, Mr. Sebacher! We want to learn!"
Alexis [to Marquita]: "Hey Chief."
Mr. Sebacher: "No gangbangning in my class."
Marquita: That's just a street name. It doesn't have to be about a gang."
Alexis: "Yeah the Indians have chiefs were they gangbangers?"
Mr. Sebacher: [erupts into laughter]
Alexis: "Firefighters have chiefs are they gangbangers?"

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  1. I'd like to see those gang sings...or is it gang signs?