Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 5

These have been from the past few weeks:

Alexis: "Vicelord!"
Mr. Sebacher: [looking over his glasses] "Alexis..."
Alexis: "That's not gangbanging."
Clendell: "Everything's gangbanging to Mr. Sebacher."
Mr. Sebacher: "That's right."
Alexis: "Mr. Sebacher what gang are you in?"
Mr. Sebacher: "I'm not in a gang, obviously."
Alexis: "What's obvious about that? You could be in a gang and just keep it a secret."
Clendell: "I'll bet Mr. Sebacher leads a double life. Look at him. He's like Peter Parker."
Mr. Sebacher: "Let's all refocus our attention right now onto pronoun agreement."
Tonnee: "If you were in a gang would you be a Vicelord?"
Mr. Sebacher: "I wouldn't be in a gang in the first place. They are very dangerous."
Alexis: "Mr. Sebacher wouldn't be a Vicelord."
Mr. Sebacher: "Alright everyone."
Alexis: "He'd be a Nicelord."
Mr. Sebacher: "That was very clever, Alexis."


Tierra: "Mr. Sebacher what's your girlfriend's name?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Let's not discuss my personal life right now."
Alexis: "Why not? Why are you turning red?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Because I blush easily."
Deandre: "I wish black people could blush. I'd be blushin' all the time."
Mr. Sebacher: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Tierra: [impersonating a white person] "Sharon."
Alexis: [same] "Jill."
Mr. Sebacher: [Erupts into laughter.]
Tierra: [same] "Katie."
Alexis: "Janice."
Tierra: "Martha."
Mr. Sebacher: [Can't control himself.]
Alexis: "Becky."
Tierra: "Darlene."
Mr. Sebacher: [Tears streaming down his face] "Stop! Stop! We have to get to work."
Clendell: "Get a hold of yourself Mr. Sebacher."
Deandre: "He's really red now."


Tierra: "What's your OG's name?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Denise."
Tierra: "That's my auntie's name. I don't like her, though. You cool with your OG?"
Mr. Sebacher: "She's a saint."
Adam: "She is?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Yes. My mother is an actual saint."
Adam: "That's impressive."


[Doing grammar work out of their workbooks. One of the sentences said something about senators voting on something.]
Marquita: "Mr. Sebacher! Did I do this correctly?"
Mr. Sebacher: "Yes. Good job."
Marquita: [Goes absolutely nuts, out of nowhere:] "I fucking hate senators! Wasting all our money! They only care about themselves!"
Mr. Sebacher: "Marquita, that has little-to-nothing to do with the assignment."
Mr. Sebacher: "Marquita, calm down. That doesn't make any sense."


[For some reason.]

Tierra: [to me] "...SHITHEAD."
Mr. Sebacher: [laughing] "Did you just call me a shithead?"
Tierra: "Yeah. I'm sorry."
Mr. Sebacher: "I forgive you, but why?"
Tierra: "I don't know. I take it back."

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